This week we have had so much fun creating a cake in the style of a tub of ice cream. The model we used was Jude's (www.judes.co.uk). The ulterior motive of this choice was that we had an excuse to eat (or in this case devour!) a pot of their gorgeous Salted Caramel as ‘extra research’! We highly recommend it.

To create the shape, we made four 6’’ round sponges and stacked them on top of each other, layering them with raspberry jam and salted caramel flavoured buttercream.

The Jude’s signature tubs are stripey so we cut out strips of white and caramel coloured fondant icing and applied it round the cake.

We peeled the label off the side of the (sadly now empty) ice cream pot and scanned each image into the computer. We then edited and printed the labels using my new Cannon MG5350 printer complete with edible ink cartridges and sugar paper and stuck them on accordingly using edible glue.

image (11).jpeg